Saying Goodbye to Silli

March 11, 2011
Today we lost Silli, a 9 year canine resident of One More Smith. We rescued an emaciated and very sick Silli from the beach in Aruba and brought her and her 9 newborn puppies home with us.
Yesterday we lost Quincy James Smith. His organs gave in and his battle with arthritis was greater than his body could manage.


November 30, 2009
Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith. Please consider sponsoring Silli today.
Greta is a 12 year old German short hair pointer who lost a leg and was abandoned at age six. She’s now an 18 year old resident at OMS and has fetched over a thousand tennis balls and still does.