Goodbye to Sammy

April 15, 2011
We are mourning the loss of Sammy “Sad Face,” a four year resident of OMS. Although elderly and somewhat sickly, Sammy lived a safe and comfortable life, quite different from the hoarding situation he came from. We miss you already, Sammy! Rest in peace.
The cats have their waders on! We got SOOOO much water.
Great news! A friend of OMS has successfully captured a freezing kitty living in a drainpipe at a construction site. The cat, a beautiful black with white tuxedo-type, is resting warmly at OMS as I type. Off to the vet in the a.m. Thank you, Carlos!
One More Smith was able to order all the material needed for the building of the cat health room, it will be called “Purdy’s Perch”. This room will help facilitate wellness in the cats struggling with continual illness. This room will be a sterile and serene environment. For residents that come with severe medical or neglect and need to heal or get well. This room will be dedicated to Purdy, a great dog who’s owner sent a significant donation in her honor.