After two months of passing it around, we’re happy to report that we are down to only five cats in our isolation room, and Tangerine has been released back into general population!

OMS Thanks Freshpet

March 24, 2011
We would like to extend a heart felt thanks to Freshpet for their generous donation. The residents and staff of One More Smith Animal Rescue and Sanctuary truly appreciate your generous support.

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Three of our resident goats. Thelma and Louise were rescued from a goat dairy farm that had gone out of business. Jax and Hewie were saved from another defunct farm in North Carolina. Little Buddy was born to another rescued goat, but had special medical conditions that did not permit him to continue living on the farm.
Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith. Please consider sponsoring Silli today.
Quincy lives today with us and is special. He has water on the brain, a cleft pallet and three malformations of the spine. He learned to walk up stairs at two years old and has trouble stopping while he is running. We were told he would live 12 months. December 22, 2009 is his 7th birthday. He lives happily at “One More Smith”.