Saying Goodbye to Silli

March 11, 2011
Today we lost Silli, a 9 year canine resident of One More Smith. We rescued an emaciated and very sick Silli from the beach in Aruba and brought her and her 9 newborn puppies home with us.

Update on Greta

January 5, 2010
Six years ago this week one of our residents, Greta a 12 year old German short hair pointer, got her front leg got stuck in mud and had a spiral break in three places. Most animals would lose their leg. Greta only had one front leg. The first lost from a blow to the shoulder by a foot or a car and left outside to die at age 6…. We used a fantastic surgeon who created a rod with screws and wire and attached it to the bone. We then used water therapy to have her relearn to walk. She is 18 years old and since then has fetched over a thousand tennis balls and still does. The power of will.
New Year and much to do…. Currently OMS has three residents and one new Smith in overnight vet care. The need for us to finish Purdy’s Perch has never been more needed. Carina’s run slated to begin as soon as the snow is gone.

Letter from One More Smith

December 17, 2009
I have very exciting news. As you know, one of mine and Monica’s greatest passions has been to bring an end to animal homelessness. In 2000 we began a mission to focus on saving “One” animal at a time. Over this last decade we have saved over a thousand animals.


November 30, 2009
Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.Silli is a dog that must remain at One More Smith. Please consider sponsoring Silli today.
Quincy lives today with us and is special. He has water on the brain, a cleft pallet and three malformations of the spine. He learned to walk up stairs at two years old and has trouble stopping while he is running. We were told he would live 12 months. December 22, 2009 is his 7th birthday. He lives happily at “One More Smith”.
Greta is a 12 year old German short hair pointer who lost a leg and was abandoned at age six. She’s now an 18 year old resident at OMS and has fetched over a thousand tennis balls and still does.