Saying Goodbye to Silli

March 11, 2011
Today we lost Silli, a 9 year canine resident of One More Smith. We rescued an emaciated and very sick Silli from the beach in Aruba and brought her and her 9 newborn puppies home with us.

One More Smith Charity Auction

December 17, 2010
Thank you to all our friends who contributed items for this. We’ve posted them on eBay. All proceeds go to support One More Smith. Brand New Nerf Dart Tag – Capture the Flag Brand New Nerf Dart Tag – Capture the Flag Brand New Nerf Dart Tag – Capture the Flag Brand New Nerf Dart… More >

New Fencing Donated

December 29, 2009
We are very excited…….our new fencing for an expanded cat sanctuary run has shipped! Thanks to a significant donation from a great friend to animals this run will be complete by the end of January. This has allowed for 200 hundred square feet of natural habitat to be added. This is great support and we are so grateful. We are calling it Carina Way!

Thank You Facebook Fans!

December 28, 2009
You are the best fans ever! Thank you for getting us to our goal! Marketsmith, Inc. is donating $10.00 for each of our facebook fans.
One More Smith wishes it “Fans on Facebook” a great holiday filled with fun and love with your family, friends and your furry companions. We are grateful for you all…. Be safe….. Be Merry….

Letter from One More Smith

December 17, 2009
I have very exciting news. As you know, one of mine and Monica’s greatest passions has been to bring an end to animal homelessness. In 2000 we began a mission to focus on saving “One” animal at a time. Over this last decade we have saved over a thousand animals.