November 30, 2009
The story of Quincy James… On Christmas Eve seven years ago in a massive snow storm. We received a frantic call from a person who would not give her name. She said she that three puppies had been thrown out a moving car window on the LIE. The puppies came to her because two of the puppies where sold hours later to …a pet store she worked at. The third, a runt with a cleft pallet, was thrown in a garbage container in back of the store. She was the Store Manager and got our number and called us for help and in great secrecy fearing for her job. Quincy lives today with us and is special. He has water on the brain, a cleft pallet and three malformations of the spine. He learned to walk up stairs at two years old and has trouble stopping while he is running. We were told he would live 12 months. December 22, 2009 is his 7th birthday. He lives happily at “One More Smith”. True he is not unadoptable but he certainly showed everyone he deserved more than being thrown away.