Pet Ownership and Feral Animals in New Jersey

January 21, 2013

Pet ownership in New Jersey is along the lowest in the nation, followed closely by New York. But that doesn’t mean that New Jersey has less animals than other states – it just means they don’t all have homes. According to the NJ Department of Health’s Office of Animal Welfare, there are an estimated 70 million feral cats in the USA. The top reasons for cat abandonment are: “Too many in the house, Allergies, Moving, Cost of pet maintenance, Landlord issues, No homes for littermates, House soiling, Personal problems, Inadequate facilities, and Doesn’t get along with other pets.” For dogs, there are many of the same issues, with the addition of “No time for pet” and “biting.”

OMS urges you to consider all the responsibilities involved before deciding to adopt a pet- and if it doesn’t work out, to ensure your animals are safe in another home rather than abandoning them. We offer a safe forever home to even the most sick or antisocial animals, complete with a veterinarian.
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