Letter from One More Smith

December 17, 2009
Dear Friends, I have very exciting news. As you know, one of mine and Monica’s greatest passions has been to bring an end to animal homelessness. In 2000 we began a mission to focus on saving “One” animal at a time. Over this last decade we have saved over a thousand animals. Today, we are very proud to say that our dream has now become a reality. “One More Smith, LLC” is incorporated and registered federally as a nonprofit and we have officially launched our website. Under our care today we are responsible for over 100 animals with the greatest percentage of the population being medically fragile or unadoptable, which means they are officially Smith residents. This year more than ever our modest facility was stretched to its capacity as shelters in fiscally challenged towns turned to us, rescue groups with nowhere to place fragile souls needed our sanctuary and animals with acute conditions faced an economic crisis where medical care was out of reach for their owners. We have managed to house these additional animals by doubling our square footage. We are currently adding an additional cat sanctuary, housing, and an isolation room to help keep those critically ill in a clean and stable environment. Never before have Monica and I reached out to our friends and family for assistance, but we are asking for your help as we face an increasing demand to service the tri-state area. Please visit our website and see the progress we have made. We ask that you consider for 2009 a donation; for $25 you can sponsor an animal in need. Please visit our website, please make us a “Fan” on Facebook, please consider us in future donations and please refer friends to us looking for a possible adoption, volunteerism or supplies they may want to donate. In advance, I thank you for your help, support, and spreading the word. http://onemoresmith.org/ Happy Holidays and thank you again for lending your time to a calling we feel makes a difference in the lives of so many. Our best to you, Amy & Monica