Holiday Shopping for Animal Lovers

December 6, 2012

Holiday shopping can be incredibly stressful – what do you get for a person who already has everything? Gift cards are nice but can be impersonal, and no one really needs another holiday sweater. For that hard-to-shop-for person this year, why not consider a gift to an animal-friendly charity in his or her name?

Some organizations even show you exactly where your donations go, like Heifer and World Vision. Donations to either of these causes are great gifts for animal lovers because they not only support animals, but they forge relationships between people and their livestock. Heifer and World Vision send animals to small villages where locals use them to produce food and goods – buying a pair of goats for a family in an undeveloped country can provide enormous quantities of milk and wool. Gifts start at just $20 and when they reproduce, the effect of your generosity literally multiplies! This holiday season, skip the stressful lines at the mall and browse catalogs of cute baby animals to send to those in need – families all over the world will thank you!