Facebook Fans Tell Their Animal Rescue Stories

December 31, 2009
We have gotten some great comments directly to us from fans and I want to share with you. This is from Fred in NJ: “I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. I hope your efforts save thousands of animals.” Stacy and Ben from NY write: “Glad to help. Between Ben and I we have adopted (saved) four dogs so we REALLY believe in the cause.” Mciahel from Ohio writes: “No thanks needed, I should be thanking you for all those animals. I truly admire your passion and passion persuades! I wish you a happy and healthy new year filled with much success! I am committed to using my God given talents to help you on your mission.” Liane Brennan Buttiglire writes: “I have a feral cat living in my garage. I have bedding in a cozy corner and I’ve been feeding him (I hope it’s a him) for 4 months now. He trusts me enough now to come within a few inches, but any closer then that & he’s gone. I named him Grease Lightning. My concern is his health, although he looks healthy at the m…oment. I have a small dog, who is interested in Grease but not to the point off chasing him. My question is that if I feel Grease is sick, how do you catch a feral cat. Should I call in to a shelter? I don’t think he would go willingly to a cage, too smart for that. Thanks for any input Good luck with your Sanctuary & God Bless” Mike from South Jersey writes: “This is really great. I donate throughout the year to about 6 charities, one of the top 3 being the HSUS. I will be sure to make OMS one of my causes.” Michala from NYC writes: “What you and Amy are doing is truly amazing! I volunteer at my local animal shelter and am always looking for other ways to help. I will certainly become a fan on Facebook and make a donation. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I else I can possibly help you in your efforts.”