We are sad to report that we have lost a very sweet girl named Harley. Harley found her way to One More Smith about 8 months ago, along with a group from a feral colony. She wasn’t a part of that group, but she showed up on the same morning the others were being transported…. More >

What’s New at OMS?

January 16, 2013
We have about 75 cats currently residing in our shelter, including our two newest residents Oreo and Gino. Sara and Beau continue to do well in their old age. Mama went to the vet a few days ago with intestinal blockage, and is healthy once more We have eight cats in isolation with upper respiratory… More >

Goodbye to Sammy

April 15, 2011
We are mourning the loss of Sammy “Sad Face,” a four year resident of OMS. Although elderly and somewhat sickly, Sammy lived a safe and comfortable life, quite different from the hoarding situation he came from. We miss you already, Sammy! Rest in peace.
Yesterday we lost Quincy James Smith. His organs gave in and his battle with arthritis was greater than his body could manage.

Welcome Missy!

March 18, 2010
Hello to our new resident, Missy, a beautiful gray and white girl, about 3 years old, newly spayed and vaccinated.
The cats have their waders on! We got SOOOO much water.

OMS Welcomes Nate

February 4, 2010
Welcome to our latest resident, Nate, a darling tabby and white FIV+ kitty…..presently at the vet’s awaiting his shots and neutering!

Update on Greta

January 5, 2010
Six years ago this week one of our residents, Greta a 12 year old German short hair pointer, got her front leg got stuck in mud and had a spiral break in three places. Most animals would lose their leg. Greta only had one front leg. The first lost from a blow to the shoulder by a foot or a car and left outside to die at age 6…. We used a fantastic surgeon who created a rod with screws and wire and attached it to the bone. We then used water therapy to have her relearn to walk. She is 18 years old and since then has fetched over a thousand tennis balls and still does. The power of will.


December 30, 2009
One of our newer residents, a beautiful yet feral girl named Freckles, is resting comfortably at the vet’s, being treated for a very bad upper respiratory infection. ‘Tis the season…..we can’t wait for Purdy’s Perch to be completed, so sick animals can remain onsite while they are recuperating.
Two grey and white male kittens are available for adoption. Ask me about BJ and DJ. They love to play, they love kids, dogs and cats. Plus they each have two different color eyes.