nick & nara

We Need a Home!

July 18, 2013
Meet Nick and Nora – two absolutely adorable kittens in search of a loving home. Nick and Nora love to play, and are highly social around people – they even know their names! Nick and Nora are both litter box trained and vetted–that means no stress, and no mess! All these kittens want in the… More >
This is the perfect position for those that love friendly, loving creatures in a clean, safe , monitored and protected environment.
OMS urges you to be responsible before deciding to take on the responsibility of a pet- and if it doesn’t work out, to ensure your animals are safe in another home rather than abandoning them.

What’s New at OMS?

January 16, 2013
We have about 75 cats currently residing in our shelter, including our two newest residents Oreo and Gino. Sara and Beau continue to do well in their old age. Mama went to the vet a few days ago with intestinal blockage, and is healthy once more We have eight cats in isolation with upper respiratory… More >
Holiday shopping can be incredibly stressful – what do you get for a person who already has everything? Gift cards are nice but can be impersonal, and no one really needs another holiday sweater. For that hard-to-shop-for person this year, why not consider a gift to an animal-friendly charity in his or her name?
An article from Reuters outlines the many challenges that faced pet owners during Hurricane Sandy. The article cites “The American Humane Association estimates that 15 million dogs, 14 million cats and 1.5 million horses were in Hurricane Sandy’s path” they say this estimate excludes smaller animals such as rabbits, fish, reptiles, etc. While many accommodations… More >
The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy continues to affect large numbers of people throughout the Eastern half of the United States. As many who were displaced begin to assess the damage, several have lost pets in the confusion. One More Smith has compiled a list of resources below to help pet owners in the wake of… More >
We are very grateful that the One More Smith Sanctuary survived the storm with no damage. The Sanctuary was unaffected by the high winds and rain of hurricane Sandy and all the animals stayed safe and sound throughout the duration of the storm.
Hurricane Sandy has carved its place among the history books as we contend with the aftermath. FEMA has provided instructions on how to keep your pets safe. Leash your pets when they go outside in the first few days after a disaster, even in a fenced yard or area. Maintain close contact as familiar scents… More >

meet butterfinger

Meet Butterfinger

February 6, 2012
Butterfinger is one of our newest residents who was left behind in an apartment by his last family. He came to us unneutered, but more importantly, with serious eye infections in both eyes that needed corrective surgery.