About Us

OMS co-founders Amy Allan Smith and Monica C, Smith have always been driven by the desire to help any animal that needed a meal, medical attention, or a home. One More Smith started with 4 cats: Sipsey, Lucky, Shana and Tabitha. Sipsey and Lucky were rescued during Hurricane Andrew as Sipsey was frantically trying to find a place to give birth in the storm. After many hours and human intervention, Lucky was the only kitten born to survive the ordeal. Shana was rescued from a country roadside at 3 weeks of age. Tabitha was a “throw away” cat found in Amy and Monica’s hometown. Only Shana survives today, but she is a very happy 16 year old who spends her days sleeping in the sunshine.

feral cat therapy

It is our mission to rescue stray, abandoned, and injured cats and dogs – often those with high medical needs. Sometimes animals are brought to us by animal lovers, and other times OMS sends volunteers to collect them. All dogs that come into the organization will undergo treatment for fleas and ticks; receive a full course of all necessary vaccinations for various diseases, including Bordetella; undergo a test for Heartworm infection and receive treatments or preventatives as necessary; receive leash training, and where possible crate training. All cats that come into the rescue home will undergo treatment for fleas and ticks; receive a full course of all necessary vaccinations (except Feline Leukemia Virus/FLV); undergo tests for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and similar diseases (FLV); be litter box trained.

In addition, Monica and Amy perform feral kitten therapy: since feral kittens are not taught how to behave by their mother, they need to be rehabilitated into life at OMS. Feral kitten treatment is labor intensive, involving light, touch, and sound therapy. Kittens are played with and exposed to soothing lights and stimulating music in an effort to make them more social – often, dogs are enlisted to help.

Animals are cared for for their entire lives at OMS. This is why our Sponsor A Pet program is so vital – the costs involved in caring for animals, especially those with issues, can be exorbitant.